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In this blog post, we will be talking about our partners PWork Wargames and the fantastic battle mats that they produce for Warhammer 40,000 and a whole range of other gaming platforms. We contacted PWork Wargames and purchased one of their PVC Industrial Ruins battle mats, as we were in desperate need of updating our tabletop to make our games and battle reports look more professional and thematic. Paola at PWork Wargames was very friendly and couldn’t help us enough with what we were looking for in a battle mat. We came across PWork Wargames when searching for battle mats online, and their style really jumped out from other game mats out there, due to their mats’ immense level of detail and colour.


The Industrial Ruins battle mat comes in a variety of different sizes and materials based on what your requirements are. The sizes of mat available are 4’x6′, 4’x4′, 3’x6′ and 3’x3′. These sizes cover most of the tabletop games that are played, and we went with the 4’x6′ mat so that we could have large games of Warhammer 40,000 on it. The materials that the mats are available in are PVC, Cloth and Mousepad, each have an incredibly detailed finish and great contrasting colours that give the mat a fantastic visual impact.

We chose the Industrial Ruins mat as we really liked the way that the graphics were laid out and the variety of textures that the mat has. The industrial parts of the mat and the hazard marked areas give a really nice contrast to the arid walkways and surrounding areas, giving the mat its depth and making sure that no two places on the mat look similar.

As you can see in the image above, the amount of detail in the Industrial Ruins battle mat is incredible and you can make out every single rock and crack in the landscape. The colours of the mat really help the models on the tabletop pop off, so that they stand out more in your games and pictures. Below, we will take a look at some of the more detailed parts of the mat.

The mat comes inside of a cardboard tube which can be used for transportation purposes so that the mat is protected whilst shipping and carrying. The mat itself is hardwearing and durable ensuring that the mat doesn’t get damaged whilst being used for battles or when it’s being transported.

The mats come in a range of sizes such as 3’x3′, 3’x6′, 4’x4′ and 4’x6′. This ensures that you can get the right size mat for the area that you have available to play battles on.

Here you can see the varying textures of the sand, rocks and industrial hazard marked floor. Both textures compliment each other nicely to give a very aesthetically pleasing effect.

The arid parts of the mat look great on there own as well. The different sizes and shapes of rocks and pebbles give a great effect that really makes you models pop from the mat.

There’s also some parts of the mat that look like a missle silo opening which is great for objective base games as they are perfect to place an important feature in to draw attention to.


Below you will see pictures of the Industrial Ruins battle mat that has featured in one of our recent battles between Crimson Fists and Necrons. As you can see, some of the details of the mat are insanely good! The shot of the Primaris Leitenant really stands out thanks to the diamond-shaped grid that he’s walking over. These details are crisp and clean which really enhances the look of the pictures.

The shot of the Necron Nightscythe screaming over the battlefield also shows off the mats variety of textures and colours, from rocks to pebbles and flatter arid cracked areas of the battlefield.

Taking a look at some of the different areas of the battle mat, you can see in the images below the more industrial parts of the battle mat. In this picture, Pedro Kantor and his forces are advancing over a gridded area outlined with hazard markings that give the mat it’s great contrast.

The image below shows a squad of Necron Tomb Blades zooming over one of the other hazard marked zones that looks like an opening to a missle silo. These areas are great to place objectives near as they can really draw attention to that area thanks to the darker colours and the hazard marked squares.

The images in this blog post are only a selection of the images that we’ve taken of the Industrial Ruins battle mat. You can find more images of the PWork Wargames Industrial Ruins battle mat by taking a look at our Instagram battle reports! Click here to view the battle report that these images were taken from!


We highly recommend the Industrial Ruins battle mat from PWork Wargames as the quality of their mats are fantastic! But don’t just take our word for it, in the video below YouTube wargamer Winters SEO reviews the Industrial Ruins battle mat. Be sure to check out Winters SEO’s other content too, there are lots of fun battle reports on his channel along with codex reviews and much more! Click here to take a look at Winters SEO’s YouTube channel.


Make sure you follow PWork Wargames on Instagram where they post pictures of their fantastic products being used by other wargamers and of their latest products. By following PWork Wargames on Instagram you can keep up to date whenever they release a new style of battle mat, or when they have any interesting posts from other wargamers using their products so that you can see the high quality of the battle mats that they produce.


We’d like to thank PWork Wargames for their support and willingness to work with us so that we can produce content that’s more cinematic and involving. The aesthetics of our battles have been vastly improved thanks to PWork Wargames and their fantastic range of battle mats! Please make sure you take a look at their range of battle mats and terrain on their website and make sure you follow them on social media too, so that you can keep up to date with their latest products!