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That’s right! Deathhammer40k has been featured on one of Miniwargaming’s Youtube videos! A while ago Matt from Miniwargaming uploaded a video asking for people to send in pictures of their Tyranids so he could include them in Miniwargaming videos to illustrate the units that he talks about. In the Deathhammer40k group, Ben is the Tyranid player with a large collection and he’s recently taken pictures of his Tervigon. With the pictures already taken he decided to send one in to see if it got included in the video. Low and behold, it got put in the video!

Check out Shadows in the Warp, Episode 3 – Synapse and the Hivemind at 7:55 to see Ben’s Tervigon picture¬†that got added into the video along with a small photo credit! It was really great to see Ben’s Tervigon on a video that has over 12,000 views! There’s some great examples of Tyranids from other collectors too, so make sure you check this playlist out if you’re an avid Tyranid collector!

If you’re a big Warhammer 40,000 fan make sure you check out Miniwargaming and their Youtube channel for great wargaming content!

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