Our customer Thomas wanted to add some reinforcements to his Crimson Fists force that we completed for him last year. You can view his previous commission project here. These reinforcements consisted of a squad of Primaris Aggressors and a Vanguard Veteran squad equipped with Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers. He also added a squad of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits to the project to buff up his Farsight Enclaves collection. Below, you will find detailed desciptions of each model in this commission project.


This is one of the smaller commission projects that we’ve worked on, as it was to bolster Thomas’ already existing Crimson Fists and Farsight Enclave armies. Thomas wanted a squad of Vanguard Veterans with mixed weapons to add to the same unit we painted on a previous project, bringing the squad up to ten Veterans strong. Thomas also added a squad of the new Primaris Aggressors to give his force a great counter assault option as well as some durability. These models look really cool and have a great imposing presence on the battlefield.

The final unit in this project was a squad of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits to add to Thomas’ Farsight Enclave army. Thomas wanted the Battlesuits to have interchangeable weapon options so he can use certain weapons depending on the enemy he’ll be facing on the battlefield. All of the weapon options are interchangeable without the use of magnets and only use the recesses and pins that are already on the weapons and Battlesuits’ arms and jetpacks.

The Primaris Aggressors are great looking models and have an imposing presence when they’re supported by nearby units. Thomas wanted his Aggressors to be equipped with Boltstorm Gauntlets and  Fragstorm Grenade Launchers.

Thomas wanted his Vanguard Veterans to have a mix of weapons so that he could face off against multiple targets on the battlefield. The Veteran Sergeant has a custom made base that gives him a more prominent pose.

The XV8 Crisis Battlesuits are built using the most out of their flexibility go give them more dynamic poses. The Battlesuits look like they’re jumping forward, ready to lay waste to their enemies with withering amounts of firepower.

The XV8 Battlesuits are painted in the classic Farsight colour scheme using grey as an accent to help break apart the red armour plating. The Battlesuits stand on a simple desert base made from sand, stones and grass tufts.


The Vanguard Veterans were the first models that we painted for this project. In the picture above you can see how the models looked when they were assembled without undercoat on. Crimson Fists aren’t really known for the fast attack options but it’s always great to have models like this in your army as they look really cool and give your army more tactical flexibility. Thomas wanted the Sergeant of the squad to stand out from the rest of the models so we modelled him on a tank trap to make him more prominent in the squad. Thomas wanted the squad to have a mix of weapons such as Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, Lightning Claws and a Relic Blade on the Sergeant.

On the models with the Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, we added a subtle lightning effect on the head of the Thunder Hammers. This gives the weapons are more realistic look and like they’re charged and are ready to pound the enemies of the Imperium to dust.

The models with the Lightning Claws have dynamic poses that look like they’re charging forward, ready to tear their way through the ranks of the enemy lines. Crimson Fists Lightning Claws look really prominent, especially on Vanguard Veterans as both large claws are coloured red.

The squad looks great together, as they look like they’re ready to jump into the heat of battle and will make a great addition to the rest of Thomas’ Crimson Fists force. Our favourite model in the squad is the Sergeant on his small scenic base. The Sergeant looks like he’s ordering his brothers to charge into the enemy line, due to his Relic Blade being held high and his elevated pose on the tank trap. We based the models the same way as the rest of Thomas’ Crimson Fists by painting over sand and dry brushing over the top. We also added tufts of grass to give the bases more depth and realism.

CRIMSON FISTS Primaris Aggressors

Thomas wanted to expand his army using the new units the that Space Marines have available to them. The Primaris Aggressors are a great new addition to the army and offer a lot of firepower as well as devastating combat potential thanks to their Boltstorm Gauntlets. The Primaris Aggressor kit doesn’t offer much in the way of being able to give the models unique poses but the models look great as they are anyway.

The Primaris Aggressors looking very intimidating when they’re all together, giving a sense of a hard-hitting unit on the tabletop. We used the same colour scheme as the rest of Thomas’ Crimson Fists which looks great on the Aggressors thanks to them having large fists and the Sergeant having both fists painted in crimson. The Aggressors are really satisfying to paint due to the large amounts of armour plating on the models along with the ropes and small details that adorn their waists.

To create the blue armour we used a base colour of Kantor Blue and then highlighted it with Macragge Blue. Once the Macragge Blue had dried we added a finer highlight of Lothern Blue to the edges to give the armour a distinct edge and contrast. We also added gold on the smaller detail parts and the chest plate to give a contrast against the dark blue armour.

To create the bases for the Aggressors we used PVA to glue sand and then undercoated the models with Chaos Black. After the model was complete we then painted the base with Steel Legion Drab and then dry brushed the base with Zamesi Desert and then an even lighter dry brush of Screaming Skull. We then added small tufts of model grass to give the base some depth and texture.


XV8 Crisis Battlesuits are the elite of the T’au Empire’s fire castes. They’re the T’au’s most iconic unit and for good reason. These technologically advanced battle systems can carry a potent amount of firepower into battle, causing havoc in the enemy’s back lines and ambushing targets with their excellent mobility thanks to their jetpacks.

Thomas wanted to keep the weapon options interchangeable so that he could use them based on what enemy he’s going to be facing. This way the battlesuits are flexible enough to use in any situation, whether they need to take down a horde army with Burst Cannons and Flamers or armoured infantry and tanks with their Fusion Blasters and Plasma Rifles. We painted up all of the weapon options so that they can be slotted into place in the recesses of the battlesuits’ arms and jetpacks. Doing it this way reduced the time to assemble the Battlesuits, as we didn’t have to magnetise the weapon options because they hold in place firmly on their own and are quite easy to add and remove.

Thomas wanted the XV8 Crisis Battlesuits to be painted in the Farsight Enclave colour scheme, as per his previous project taht we completed. We were really pleased with how the unit came out once it was painted as the red armour has some great depth, that contrasts from the desert base that they’re on. We added glowing effects to the eye lenses and the barrels of the weapons to give the impression that the battlesuits were operational and their weapons were ready for war.

We added grey armour plates to the models to break up all of the red armour and the Shas’vre has his iconic grey head. The glow effect on the Fusion Blasters and Plasma Rifles were created by dry brushing Macragge Blue, a finer dry brush of Lothern Blue and then a final thinner dry brush of White Scar.

We painted the bases with Steel Legion Drab and then dry brushed, Zemmesi Desert and then Screaming Skull to get the sand effect. We also added some tufts of grass to the bases so they had some depth and weren’t just flat. We also added small stones to the bases so that it looked like the Battlesuits were jumping over the terrain.

The Crisis Battlesuits will be a very good with ambush unit, used in conjunction with Thomas’ other Crisis Battlesuit unit. We’re really pleased with how the Crisis Battlesuits came out and the custom poses that we were able to create using this very diverse kit. The Battlesuits look like they’ve just landed from a Manta Strike and are ready to lay down withering amounts of deadly firepower into the enemy ranks.


We’d like to say a massive thank you to Thomas for his continued support and giving us the opportunity to paint this awesome collection of models. We hope Thomas has a great time using these models on the battlefield as well as having them in his collection! Thanks again, Thomas!